On September 27 2017 the Barlow family, Triple B Brangus Stud, Dingo will stage their Annual Triple B Brangus Sale ‘on property’ at ‘Araluen’, Dingo, Queensland.

On offer will be 80 rising two-year-old Black Brangus bulls, 12 Elite females and 220 purebred females.

Here’s your chance to inspect and buy Brangus genetics from a line of single vendor bred cattle reared under the same conditions and all having current data recordings.

All cattle have been recorded on Brangus Group Breedplan since 1998 and are run under strict commercial conditions that not only focuses on increasing growth rates but also blending desirable carcase and fertility traits.

The entire catalogue is a great blend of American and Australian Brangus genetics sourced from the studs ET, AI and natural mating programs.

Triple B bulls are fully vaccinated for 7 in 1, Pestiguard, Botulism, 3 Germ Blood and 3 Day Sickness, Triple B Elite heifers are fully vaccinated for 7 in 1, Pestiguard and 3 Germ Blood and the Triple B purebred females are fully vaccinated for 3 Germ Blood.

Considerable emphasis is placed on structure, conformation, fertility and most importantly temperament when selecting these cattle and their forbears.

Come, see and enjoy some of the best that Brangus has to offer at ‘Araluen’ on September 27.

Click here to download catalogue as pdf.

Triple B Brangus Sale Supplementary Sheet 2017