Brahman Content: 41.78%

Now rising 10 years this big powerful female still has a faultless udder. She produced 4 calves in 4 years before entering our donor program including 2 bulls and 2 replacement heifers: C232 and F369. C232 has produced 4 calves in 4 years including a $5500 bull and 3 replacement females. Dam 1017/94 produced 6 replacement females including A13 and 303/04 who is also a donor. A13 has the top value for eye muscle area and is in the top 1% for milk, top 5% for 200, 600 day weight, mature cow weight, carcase weight, retail beef yield percentage and domestic steer index, top 10% for gestation length, rib and rump fat, top 15% for export steer index and top 25% for 400 day weight.

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Sex Female
Tattoo A13
Birth Date 5th February 2005
Status Active
Registration BBB05FA13
Horn Polled