Our Program

The objective for Triple B is to produce even lines of commercially driven bulls that survive in all Australian environments. The progeny of these bulls must have the ability to fit into any market our clients require. We aim to produce an animal that is phenotypically attractive (structure, style, etc.) but also has the genotype that displays a balance of above average growth, high fertility and carcass.

To achieve this goal the stud breeding herd is run in commercial relevant conditions raised on grass and limited supplementation if seasonal conditions deteriorate. The breeding herd has strict joining windows, and pregnancy testing is a consistent practice allowing prompt identification and removal of non-breeders. Heifers are weaned and raised on to native pastures and legumes on our light forestry country.  We find this gives us a natural selection tool of being able to forage and maintain body score without supplementation so their progeny are tough enough to go onto produce for our clients under all conditions.  Only the natural doers are retained as stud replacements.

Weaner bulls are weaned onto Buffel pasture, with a silage-based ration in the dryer months to ensure a consistent growth pattern. After the first storms of the Season the bulls are left to grow out on pastures alone over the summer months. Sale bulls are prepared on a silage-based ration with longevity, structure & fertility at the fore front of our decision making.

Triple B was based on traditional Australian Brangus bloodlines but has used imported genetics.  We continue to blend both traditional and international genetics with a focus on fertility, carcass, growth and moderate frames scores.

With an extensive recording history, the Triple B herd utilizes all technologies available to improve the genetic selection of our breeding herd. TSU samples are collected on all weaned progeny and is sent away for DNA parent verification, poll/horn, coat colour and more recently genomic enhanced EBVs. Our cattle are measured for more traits, more accurately, more often, thus ensuring the figures presented are a true and accurate representation of the animal. Which has led to our 5 Star rating for Breedplan Completeness of Performance.

We focus on animals with a more balanced EBV set, trying to stay away from the trend to solely focus on one trait producing a more rounded animal that will continue to perform in all conditions.