Founded in 1990 with the enrolment of 100 females by Robert, Elaine & Lindsay Barlow, the Triple B Brangus Stud has grown to one of the nation’s largest purebred registered Brangus herds.

The formation was a result of a herd of females that had over 15 years of commercial breeding behind them. In 1993 the stud saw further expansion with the purchase of 77 registered females. In 1995 Araluen was purchased and three years later the family and the herd joined Brangus Group BreedPlan. Further land acquisitions were made in 2008 along with a further 150 registered females.


We conducted our inaugural ‘On-Property’ Bull Sale in 2013 and the herd grew further the following year with the purchase of 650 commercial Brangus breeders. With the increase in commercial numbers the decision to acquire additional land saw the purchase of ‘Glendarra’ in 2015 and the procurement of ‘Namoi’ in 2017.

In the same year a family business succession plan and restructure saw Lindsay and Fiona becoming the owners of the Triple B Herd.

The decision was made in 2020 to DNA test the entire stud herd providing not only parent verification but horn and coat colour results.  This has now led to generational parent verification and genomics enhanced EBVs.

In 2023 Triple B attaining a completeness of performance rating of 5 out of 5 Stars, this is no small feet and is recognitions of multiple decades of recordings.

Robert & Elaine Barlow

Robert & Elaine started from humble beginnings.  Married in 1961, they raised their family of five, Jeffery, Janelle, Michael, Stewart (Tub) & Lindsay on the Capricorn Coast.  Purchasing “Coorooman Pocket” in 1973  Robert and Elaine established successful businesses in both the Pineapple and Earthmoving industries.  After receiving the bull Cherokee Hope Eye as payment for earthmoving work completed the Barlow family started their commercial cattle operations.  Robert had witnessed the success of Brangus for Lionel De Landelles at Cherokee and decided that Brangus was the breed he wanted.

Robert’s passion for Brangus went beyond Triple B, he was very passionate about the breed as a whole and dedicated almost 3 decades to the Brangus Society board. In which time he was President, Treasurer, and a sale committee member. Robert also enjoyed encouraging others to follow their passions, especially upcoming generations.

Robert Barlow Brangus International Youth Scholarship

In 2021 as a lasting recognition of Roberts dedication and contribution to the breed, Lindsay & Fiona Barlow along with the Australian Brangus Cattle Association created the Robert Barlow Brangus International Youth Scholarship.

More information including how to apply for the Robert Barlow Brangus International Youth Scholarship can be found here.