Brahman Content: 38.82%

Deep bodied, strong head and bone, thickset and great udder at 10 years of age. A4 produced 4 calves in 4 years before entering our donor program including 3 sale bulls, she produced 21 calves in her first year as a donor from 3 flushes. We have retained H559 in herd for stud duties who is a full brother to lots 25, 26, 27 and 28. Dam 1015/95 produced 8 calves in 8 years. A4 is in the top 1% for milk and eye muscle area, top 5% for retail beef yield percentage, top 20% for mature cow weight and rib fat, top 25% for 600 day weight, scrotal size, and domestic steer index and top 30% for carcase weight, rump fat and export steer index.

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Sex Female
Tattoo A4
Birth Date 10th January 2005
Status Active
Registration BBB05FA4
Horn Polled